Markham South Asian Festival 2012 Indian Magician Raj Magic Show

The GTA’s City of Markham staged its annual South Asian Festival Saturday, July 28, from 4 P.M., at Featherstone Park (Middlefield & High Glen).

Markham being the most ethnically diverse and vibrant city in the world (people from about two hundred countries have made this city their home)!!, people from all ethnicities and cultures were in this event and participated in this celebration enjoying a pleasant and fun-filled evening  with traditional dances, music, magic show and other activities. Oh, yes, great food is an inevitable part of any celebration, and there was plenty here. The evening showcased the rich and diverse South Asian Cultural Heritage.

The highlight of the festival was Magic Show by well known Magician and Illusionist Raj. Raj transformed silk to a wand and he swallowed a two foot long sword.The blindfold act was his best act. It was as if he had X-ray vision. He covered his eyes, first with a thick black cloth, and then with a black bag pulled over his entire head. X-ray vision is as much about magic as about interaction and reaction. Members of the audience were invited on stage and asked to write whatever they pleased on a board — letters, numbers, or anything else. He read it all through blindfolded. He answered the questions written on the board, added numbers and finally drew a picture of himself, all while double blindfolded. His apparent ability to see while blindfolded was astounding. Raj annouced that he plans to drive blindfolded in GTA and is looking for a sponsor/sponsors.

you can reach Magician Raj at

About magicianraj

Magician Rajeshwar Wupradrishta / Wuprisha (Magician Raj), born and brought up in Hyderabad city, Andhra Pradesh, is a Magician for over two decades. He is academically a Post Graduate in Management as well as in Computer Science. Magic as performed by Rajesh / Raj is not an esoteric craft removed from the hearts of people. He uses his skill to uplift emotions, bringing hope, cheer and happiness to his audience. He believes that the aim of magic is mainly to entertain people, and entertainment is inalienable to happiness. His own happiness comes from the 'bridge of oneness' he builds with his spectators. “Big smiles, Amazed looks. That’s no illusion, simply wonderful magic”
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