Magic is perhaps the oldest form of entertainment

From making bodies float in the air, to sawing a body into half, making a person disappear, or pulling a rabbit out of a hat, magic has enthralled children and adults alike. It is perhaps the oldest form of entertainment. And magicians, who have mastered the art of illusion over the years, are slowly making a comeback after being relegated to the background with developments in both their field and education.


Earlier, with the slump in economy, magicians too, were facing a bleak future. You could only find them at an occasional birthday party or a fair. Now, they are also part of big corporate events as well.

“I am called for a show every day, sometimes even two. It is very easy for a good magician to get business

About magicianraj

Magician Rajeshwar Wupradrishta / Wuprisha (Magician Raj), born and brought up in Hyderabad city, Andhra Pradesh, is a Magician for over two decades. He is academically a Post Graduate in Management as well as in Computer Science. Magic as performed by Rajesh / Raj is not an esoteric craft removed from the hearts of people. He uses his skill to uplift emotions, bringing hope, cheer and happiness to his audience. He believes that the aim of magic is mainly to entertain people, and entertainment is inalienable to happiness. His own happiness comes from the 'bridge of oneness' he builds with his spectators. “Big smiles, Amazed looks. That’s no illusion, simply wonderful magic”
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