Birthday Magician Raj Toronto

Toronto City Magician Raj
Moms and Dads: When you choose Toronto City Magician Magic Raj, you get a great magician with over 20 years of experience doing all types of magic shows throughout the GTA City area!
This will be the birthday party your child will remember for the rest of their life.
So Moms and Dads: Please contact Magic Raj on 416-705-1904 for information about his unique and incredibly entertaining peer pressure magic show. Use magic to educate, entertain, and enforce a positive message in a fun way!
“Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Party a Huge Success. One That Will Be Talked About By All Who Attend. One That Will Quite Possibly Be The Best Ever!”
Its very affordable only $ 175 for a 45 Min Show

Birthday Magician Raj Toronto

Birthday Magician Raj Toronto

About magicianraj

Magician Rajeshwar Wupradrishta / Wuprisha (Magician Raj), born and brought up in Hyderabad city, Andhra Pradesh, is a Magician for over two decades. He is academically a Post Graduate in Management as well as in Computer Science. Magic as performed by Rajesh / Raj is not an esoteric craft removed from the hearts of people. He uses his skill to uplift emotions, bringing hope, cheer and happiness to his audience. He believes that the aim of magic is mainly to entertain people, and entertainment is inalienable to happiness. His own happiness comes from the 'bridge of oneness' he builds with his spectators. “Big smiles, Amazed looks. That’s no illusion, simply wonderful magic”
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